This website is an assessment of how media reports on–and portrays–drug cartels and Mexico’s drug war.

methodologyDescribes the views of this website and the research employed to gain further insight.

terminologyA list of terms that are specific to reports on drug cartels or Mexico’s war on drugs.  Also addresses words that are problematic when addressing these issues (ironically ‘drug cartels’ and Mexico’s ‘drug war’ are on this list of problematic words).

researchInformation about Mexico’s drug war or drug cartels displayed using online media tools (Youtube, Prezi, Tiki-toki).

bloggggWhere you will find up to date information on drug cartels and the drug war.  Forewarning: the blog is informative, probably a little (or a lot) obnoxious, and hopefully somewhat amusing (at least I’m pretty amused when I’m writing it.)